How to Manufacture Everyday Use Domestic Products

If you are a living creature, there are things that you must use everyday in your house, whether you’re a students, lecturer, President, Governor and even teachers etc….

White collar job does no longer exist, you work your out to enable you take care of yourself and your entire family. Government has been lamenting on Entrepreneurship development in major country of the world. For you to self independent, you must have your own products to sell and make huge amount of money. Invest in yourself by learning a trade or produce your own products and start smiling to the Bank. This EBook will take care of everything that you needed to know in having your own products.

This EBook will teach from the comfort of your home how to produce or manufacture everyday use Domestic Products. The raw Materials needed, the quantity of the raw materials needed, the procedures and lots more so that if one is not even with you, you can teach yourself and bring out something. Please, let warn that jack of all trade they said, master of NONE…so, concentrate on one products and be there to grow bigger.

This EBook will teach you how to make:

Liquid soap


Hair relaxer,

Hair cream,

DETTOL making,

After shave production,

Powder production,

Wedding Cake production

Chin chin making,

And lots more….(About 40 products to make with their chemicals, equipment, and procedures to guides you in producing them.


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