Pros And Cons of JVZoo

JVZoo is a digital marketing platform which allows digital product developers of different levels to market their products. They offer affiliate programs where affiliates can sign up and start marketing products. The platform is free for affiliates to sign up and start selling, but they need to get approvals from sellers before they can start referring buyers to a given product. It is a platform which is easy to join and start making commissions.

Pro and Cons of JVZoo

Instant Payments

After you refer a successful lead to JVZoo you get paid instantly via PayPal. It is a great platform which you can utilize to sell products and earn quick cash. New affiliate members have to wait for the refund period to elapse before they can be paid, but those who have been established in the program finds it easy to make money online.

JVZoo applies Affiliate Cookies

To track referrals which different affiliates refer to the program, the program uses cookies. The cookies are saved to computers for those whom you refer. Even if they will visit the platform and assess the products only to return and buy in the future, you will still get paid for the services. It is a great platform which tracks referrals of different affiliates so that they can earn money.

Generous Commissions

Digital products do not require a lot of logistics before buyers can access them. Some developers even offer up to 50% commissions. You can end up making good money if you can utilize the platform well in your online marketing. Some marketers have made good money due to the generous commissions.

Sales statistics and tracking are provided

In order to let you know the progress of your affiliate program, the JVZoo offers excellent tracking and statists which you can analyze and know areas where you are not performing well in your marketing process.

Wide category of products

The products sold at JVZoo can suit different niches. You can easily locate a product to promote on the platform. The availability of different products makes it easy for you to market the products.


Some products are substandard

Anybody can develop a digital product and post on JVZoo. The freedom for any digital product developers to access the market, there are some products which are of low quality and can expose costumers to different inconveniences.

You need to APPLY before you can start the promotions

The platform requires you to apply to specific vendors so that you can start marketing their products. Some vendors can even decide to refuse you promoting their products. You may locate a product which you can easily promote, but the vendors can decide to refuse you the permission.

New affiliates have to wait till the refund period elapses

If you are a new affiliate member to the program, you will have to wait till the refund period elapses before you can get the money into your PayPal account. If you need quick cash, the wait period can put you off. But, if you are patient enough to grow on the platform, you will start accessing instant payments.

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