These is very powerful cleaning agent, of course detergent are far more powerful than the ordinary soap. It can be used for a variety of things ranging from laundry to dish washing. You can start the production with even a small amount of money and later make huge money when you re very serious with your business. It is also very easy and straight forward process. So, let’s get started


Mixer, weighing scale, graduated cylinder, stirrer.


S/N.       Chemical.             Quantity.

(1)         CDEA.                      .5kg

(2)         STPP .                      .3kg


(3).        Table salt (NaCl²).  75gm

(4) .       SLES .                        1kg

(5)         Fragrance.              To taste

(6)        Colourant.               To taste

(7).       Water.                       8.5 litres


(1) Measure out the required quantity of all the chemicals.

(2) Put the SLES into the mixer and add little water to it.

(3) Stir to smoothness.

(4) To the solution above add 0.5kg of CDEA and continue stirring to smoothness. Add water occasionally, as the need arise.

(5) Put the STPP in a  separate can of water stir well

(6) Add the STPP solution into the mixer and continue stirring.

(7) Dissolves the salt in little amount of water and add to the mixer while maintaining the stirring.

(8) Add the perfume and continue stirring.

(9) Package the detergent in the right container and start smiling to the bank.

Liquid detergent production is very simple to make. Study it very carefully and comments on any steps you will need our assistants.

Do not doll yourself about all this mini-business. Its a business that you can actually start with a little money. Its does not demand huge amount of money to start. Take a bold steps not and be happy you will no longer Ber stranded about cash. Or even being unemployed. Thanks somuch.



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