Powdery soap are mostly used in the washing of cloth, mopping of floors and many other application that the owner might deem fit. You are advice to ensure that keep strictly to thee formulation we will be revealing here and make yourself a powdery detergent.


Same as in the production of Toilet Soap. So Toilet Soap in our previous Soap via HERE.


S/N              Chemical                                   Quantity

(1).            P.K.O or fatty acid .                       4 litres

(2)            Caustic soda solution.                 2 litres


(3) .          Soda ash solution.                        2 litres

(4)            Hydrogen peroxide(H²O²).          ¼ litres

(5)            Ammonium.                                  1/10

(6) .         Industrial salt (Na²CO³).              ½ litres

(7)           Colourant.                                      To taste

(8).          Perfume .                                       To taste

(9) .         Foaming Agent.                             1 litres


(1) Prepare the caustic soda solution and soda ash solution as described in the production of laundry soap and ensure that the density is at the stated value. Allow to stand for three days (72 hours) minimum. You can all it to stand for more that 3 days if you want but should not use when it is not up to 3 days too. The reason why some powdery soap is corrosive is because the caustic soda did not blend long enough in water before starting the production process.

(2) Pour the P.K.O into the mixer and add the colourant and stir till thee two blend well.

(3) Add the soda ash solution and caustic soda solution to the mixture and continue stirring.

(4) Add the Hydrogen peroxide, ammonium, industrial salt, foaming agent and the perfume into the mixture above.

(5) Pour into a dryer for or spread under the sun to dry.

(6) After drying pulverized or grate and then sieve.

(7) Finally package into sachets for market. It can be customised sachet and give it your brand name.


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