How to Make Medicated Soap


Medicated soaps are also used for bathing but in addition to the other thing added to the toilet soap it also contains other additives that help to kill germs and other micro organisms. They can also have many other functions like skin toning, age defying etc, depending on the other thing that are added to the soap base.


The equipment used in the production of Medicated soap is the SAME with Toilet Soap.


S/N.                                   Chemical.                                Quantity.

(1)                                  Palm kernel oil.                          2.8 litres


(2).                                Caustic soda solution                  3 litres

(3).                               Coconut oil.                                    2 litres

(4).                              Bleached palm oil .                        1 litre

(5) .                             Sodium silicate                               1 litre

(6) .                             Colourant                                       To taste

(7) .                             Perfume.                                         To taste

(8) .                            Glycerin.                                           1\4 litres

(9)                              Pink oil.                                            1\8 litres

(10) .                         Tricolans.                                         1 tablespoon


(1) Prepare the caustic soda solution and soda ash solution as described in Toilet soap Production. Ensure that the densities of the solution are as stated.

(2) Dissolve magnesium sulphate and borax separately with small amount of water to form paste.

(3) Pour the oil into the mixer and start stirring.

(4) Add the colourant to the oil and stir very well.

(5) Pour the caustic soda solution and the soda ash solution into the oil and continue stirring.

(6) Add the silicate and continue stirring.

(7) Then add glycerin, pink oil, Tricolans and fragrance.

(8) Continue stirring until all the chemicals have mixed very well.

(9) Pour into soap moulds and allow to solidity.

(10) Shape, Stamp and package ready for the market.

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